Bradfield Orchestral Pyramid Day

When Harry  and I got to Bradfield, we went to the Greek amphitheatre to do some vocal practices. Soon we had our instruments out and were told where to sit on stage. The pieces we were given were called ‘Magic Works’ and ‘Mozart’s 4th concerto’ which we then practised for an hour, working mainly on the rhythm. We broke for lunch, a delicious delight, in the Faulkner’s canteen; I had pesto pasta (red), noodles sprinkled with pepper, chicken wings, sweetcorn, baguette and a glass of water.

The various instrument groups then went off to practise the piece, Harry with the brass section, and me with a professional cellist when the focus was on keeping the beat and counting the bar number. We practised for about an hour until we all came back together on stage just to go through the finishing touches. The tension grew as the performance drew closer and once the audience was all settled and the conductor started us off, the pressure was on!

The concert was a great success and experience and I thoroughly enjoyed playing together with the other musicians. Thank you to Mrs Westley and to Bradfield for organising such a memorable day.

Ollie Baxter