Bradfield Choral Workshop

Years 3 and 4 had a fantastic fun filled afternoon at the Bradfield Choral workshop. It was hosted by four members of Apollo 5 – the international award-winning British vocal quintet – and a group of young leaders from Bradfield College and Headington School. They started off the afternoon by singing ‘White Winter Hymnal’ and accompanying themselves with hand claps and body percussion.

Then it was our turn to get singing! First we had to warm up our voices, bodies and brains. We went to the Olympics, had a ride on a motor bike, bicycle and steam train and then sang a number pattern – a bit like the one we do with Mrs. Westley and Miss Collins! Then we created a firework display using our voices and hand gestures.

Apollo 5 then introduced us to ‘The Method’. This involved beat boxing, South American clave rhythms and sol fa singing – it was great fun. We performed in 3 groups and it sounded great.  Next Greg told us the story about his fridge. This was such fun. Every fruit had a different voice/accent ranging from a posh cucumber to a boring grape. The boys loved this – especially the Mango!

Now we were ready to sing and Apollo 5 and the young leaders taught us three songs. One about a bear who missed a train and another called The Mambo swing and a traditional sea shanty. We sang the songs and Apollo 5 accompanied us using vocal and body percussion.

It was a wonderful and inspiring afternoon and left us singing all the way back to school.