Brackley Soapbox 2016

Two teams of Year 6 pupils entered the Brackley Soapbox Derby near Oxford last Sunday and competed against 31 teams from all corners of the UK. The boys designed, built and raced their own machines in the workshop from scratch and faced teams including Aston Martin and Mercedes Benz.

With each team propelling their wooden karts down the main High Street at up to 20mph, they performed very well against stiff competition. The karts held together and made it over the finish line on subsequent runs; watched by a large crowd.

Despite not winning, the boys can be very proud of their achievements, knowing that they built the karts themselves, without any F1 team help and did Elstree proud. The 2 teams are keen to race again next year and have studied some of their competitors designs to make important changes. Enjoy this YouTube clip of the event: