Book Week

Cleopatra, Gandalf, Sherlock Holmes, Julius Caesar and of course Harry Potter were just some of the roles enacted for ‘Famous People and Characters Through Time’ as part of  Elstree School’s Book Week.

School Parade

The school grounds, library and classrooms were full of excited pupils transformed into a huge variety of characters from the past and featured in favourite books.  A musical Carnival Parade of all pupils and staff also took place in the extensive Elstree School grounds to the soundtracks from The Great Escape, Oliver Twist and The Dawn Patrol. Extra fun was added with The Conga and The Lambeth Walk.

 “I was Hermione Granger. You could show how much you like a book and what you feel about a character.”   (Isobel, 4ELB)

 “It was amazing fun! It was great to see other people’s costumes.”   (Phoebe, 4ELB)

 Variety of activities

The school were also delighted to tune in to virtual talks as part of Henley Literary Festival 2021 from authors Michael Morpurgo, Liz Kessler, Jenny McLachan and Zanib Mian. Author Jenny McLachan told the children, “The amazing thing about writing books is that you can make magic happen”.   Performance poet and author Joseph Coehlo, courtesy of Book Trust UK, also gave valuable ideas to children on writing poems from a simple alphabet poem to a Shakespearean Sonnet. 

 “Michael Morpurgo had a fascinating way of writing books and ‘sewing’ books and ideas together.” (Josh, 5JRD)

 Readers’ Celebration Party

A Readers’ Celebration Party with hot chocolate, marshmallows, hot dogs and brownies took place in Elstree School’s fabulous Library. The party is planned to celebrate the enthusiasm pupils put into reading books over the summer holidays. Entry to the event is for those that have made a special effort with their reading.  Pupils and staff have the opportunity to have fun while recommending books to each other and sharing their favourite reads.

 “I did feel it was a bit of an achievement and felt proud about my books. I wanted to share them with everyone.”  (Ralph, 4ELB)

 “I had so much fun at the library party tea. It was the best!” (George, 4ELB)

“Book Week was amazing and it was great fun seeing the teachers dressed up!” (Fergus, 7AJP)

All in all it was a wonderful week of celebrating books and reading, thank you to everyone that was involved in making it such a fantastic week for the children.