Bonfire and Fireworks Night

The deluge of heavy rain in the lead up to Bonfire Night in no way dampened the excitement and spirits of pupils and parents alike as they eagerly joined together on Yard. A firm favourite in the Elstree calendar, Bonfire Night 2023 was brilliantly coordinated by the wonderful Friends of Elstree team and once again, lived up to all expectations.

Full of cheer, the Pre-Prep children and parents were the first to arrive and busily set about greeting friends and visiting stalls in search of colourful goodies and tasty treats before the older boys and girls arrived.

With neon beanies, and fluorescent keyrings on offer, the Elstree pupils shone brightly. Festoon lighting adorned the stretch tent and stalls, lighting up the whole of Yard. The Autumn Produce stall sold an impressive array of homemade jams and delicious winter chutneys. The ever-popular Tombola drew in the crowds and of course, The Grown-Up Bar did a roaring trade with plenty of fizz and wine to warm up parents.

Our Year 8 pupils were a fantastic support in the running of the stalls. They remained calm, friendly and professional – no mean feat as their Elstree cohorts descended on Yard in a flurry of excitement and eager to spend their pocket money!

Mrs Syckelmoore had once again been busy in the build up to this big event. Her team of eager helpers had created a spectacular Guy who had enjoyed the company of Elstree visitors as he sat in the Elstree Main Hall, ready to take centre stage.

Excitement began to mount as the bell rang out to announce the lighting of the bonfire. This year, Micky Caloia, as the youngest child in the school bravely accepted the privilege of helping  Mr Inglis to strike the match and keep this long-standing tradition alive.

Warmed by the bonfire, the crowd roared countdown after countdown until the first rocket lit up the sky. Boom followed bang, firework after rocket and rocket after firework, it was a spectacular display that lit up the whole of Park and had the crowd ohh-ing and ahh-ing in glee.

Full of high jinx and chatter, Elstree pupils and families returned to our beautifully sparkling Terrace, kept warm and lively with music spilling out from the Long Room. Day pupils and their families waved goodbye and reluctantly, even the Boarders agreed they were suitably sleepy after so much excitement and fresh air.

The total raised from this wonderful event is still to be announced. TIt will go towards funding Friends of Elstree projects, which always are always so thoughtfully selected for the school and our lucky pupils.

A huge thanks as ever to our groundsmen, who not only did an incredible job building the bonfire and organising the fireworks – but will no doubt have their work cut out in restoring Yard to it’s usual, less muddy glory! A special thank you again to Becs Mills and her Friends of Elstree team for making it another night to remember.