Boarding Weekend

It’s been lovely to have our full boarders here with us this weekend and they’ve been great company. It was Mrs Hepburn’s birthday on Saturday and the kitchen staff had very kindly decorated the dining hall and made everyone individual cupcakes to celebrate.  We all sang happy birthday while the twins energetically hoovered up the crumbs! After supper we all went into the library to play some party games together before heading up to bed for movies and popcorn, all snuggled up under duvets.

Everyone must have been pretty tired because not a single boy was awake when I went round to wake up the house at 8am – quite a rarity!  We had a delicious cooked breakfast in our PJs followed by some free time and sports led by the Lavoipierres.  After lunch we all piled into the minibuses and drove to Newbury for the Royal Berkshire Show.  We played Spot the Hound (or was it hound bingo? I forget!), admired the livestock being shown in the main arena, but the £5 pocket money all the boys were given didn’t last long as soon as we came across and an enormous pic’n’mix sweet stall!

The boys had a great weekend and are all in good spirits, looking forward to another busy week at Elstree.