Boarding – Open Weekend

The first and last weekend of term is always open to all boarders.  Following the first cricket match of the season again Cheam in the glorious sunshine,  Saturday night was equally competitive with a Croquet Tournament and Lawn Games to bring in the Summer Term in refined style!

The Summer term began with dry weather and beautiful sunshine, allowing the boys to make the most of everything our grounds have to offer. With a full fixture list of matches against Cheam the cricket squares and pavilions were in full operation complemented by the distinctive sound of leather on willow and the occasional shout of ‘CATCH IT!’

The remaining boarders enjoyed a delicious supper before attempting to build a device that transported an egg from the top of the main house to the ground without injuring the egg. The winning trio of Jaime, Ignacio and Jack used two balloons and a mock pillow, made from a plastic wallet and paper, to safely transport their egg from the highest height.

The boys then had a restful night’s sleep before tackling a huge Full English breakfast on Sunday morning. This was to prove vital for the boys as the rest of Sunday included a Croquet tournament (won by Moby and Johnny), Sunday service, 2 hours on the lake trying not to capsize in the kayaks and canoes (some unsuccessfully), an hour and a half swim in the pool (after being in the lake, some of the boys said the pool was a little too warm!), a spell in the cricket nets, supper and finally all they could manage was a film in the evening before crawling into bed.  Leaving a very happy Housemaster sat on a corridor, reflecting on a weekend that started with the lovely sounds on a cricket pitch to the chorus of content boys snoring and all the activity in-between.