Boarding fun at the Weekend

Boarding life at Elstree School
We were blessed with glorious warm September sunshine over the first weekend of the term which is always an open weekend when any of the boarders are able to stay in over the weekend. 
After supper on Saturday,  the children had a brilliant game of ‘Boarders’ Safari’ with lots of tuck for prizes! It was lovely to see everyone charging round the grounds looking for lions and leopards in the evening sunshine.
Sunday morning always starts with a full big English breakfast and this Sunday the children were taken out by Mrs. Lavoipierre to  play ball games, a long walk round the grounds, table tennis, monopoly and a chance to call home and some screen time.
After roast beef for lunch Mr. Attwood took everyone up into park to build camps and light campfires which was great fun.
Sunday evening was busy decorating the dorms and they are looking great! It’s amazing how a few posters and lots of photos from home can make a dorm feel so much more warm and welcoming.  The Dorm Decorating competition is coming up, so it’s great to see the dorms looking so homely.