Boarders’ Weekend

The boarders have had a busy weekend, starting with some of the last rugby matches of the season against Cheam being played –  there were some very close and hard-fought battles.  It’s amazing to think that it will be half-term in a week and then we are into hockey!

Mr Brown took the boys for a huge game of dodge-ball in the sports hall during free time on Saturday and then all the boys played bingo with Mrs. Attwood after supper.  Anything with Haribo for prizes is always a winner and Saturday night was no exception!

On Sunday morning the boys all tucked into our customary big breakfast and afterwards Mr. Bell had organised a huge treasure hunt around the grounds.  Eventually, Jackie and Harry L managed to find the treasure cunningly concealed in the library!

After lunch it was off to Coral Reef Water World near Bracknell where everyone spent a very happy couple of hours whizzing down the water slides and chilling out in the pool. A McFlurry on the way home capped off a most enjoyable afternoon.  After supper the boys knuckled down to some spellings and general knowledge before nightcap and an early night.