Boarders Visit Longleat

This weekend being a ‘quiet weekend’ with just the full boarders in house, our delightfully eccentric international family took to the road to go on a safari adventure at Longleat.  With wonderful weather and high spirits, even the journey down was exciting.  The boys loved seeing Stongehenge as we trundled down the A303, blissfully free of traffic.  Having casually passed one of the wonders of the ancient world, we arrived at Longleat in excellent time to get lost in the giant hedge maze and clamber all over the adventure castle before lunch.

The boys managed to actively engage with the water features in the playground but fortunately the sunshine dried them out quickly!  After a picnic lunch, we headed to the small animal enclosures and meet the otters, porcupines, penguins, meerkats, tortoises, coatis, anteaters and more.  The boys faced some fears and took turns to hold tarantulas and snakes!

After an ice cream break (classic 99 with a flake!) we went on the river cruise to meet the sea lions, hippos and gorillas, before doing a spot of souvenir shopping. Then came the real highlight: the safari!  We drove through every enclosure and the boys especially enjoyed the monkeys.  There was great delight as baby monkeys climbed all over the minibus! Don’t worry, the bus survived the experience…! We then fed the deer, saw camels, giraffes, lions, tigers and wolves, to everyone’s total fascination.  Finally we headed home via MacDonald’s for a feast of questionable nutritional value.  The day ended with Mrs Dennison’s homemade brownies, showers, PJs, and snuggling in front of The Greatest Showman before bed.  It was an idyllic day filled with complete wonderment from start to finish.