Boarders’ “Escape from Colditz”

A few years ago I don’t think I would have predicted that I would be part of a team spending their evening stalking children by torch light! I hasten to add that it was my first experience of the much loved and anticipated Escape from Colditz, and it was a fantastic evening.

With AJP taking on the role of Richard Attenborough’s ‘Big X’ there were plenty of ‘Cooler Kings’, ‘Scroungers’, ‘Forgers’ and ‘Tunnel Kings’ in the ranks. With the prisoners of war resplendent in a range of costumes, some more camouflaged than others (a Tigger onesie and a fluorescent morph suit were probably not ideal given the temperate vegetation of Elstree); they prepared to outwit the Commandant and his henchmen. The goal was the freedom offered by the sanctuary of the Elstree minibuses. In a glorious tale of daring do, of the 81 prisoners who escaped, 27 avoided re-capture. The rest were sent to the “cooler, five days.”

 With exam week upon us the weekend gently wound down with some exam prep and then a trip to Coral Reef, but there was still time to learn how to identify a double agent and escape a high altitude cable car as we watched the classic Where Eagles Dare; tips which may come in handy for next year’s Escape.