Boarders’ Open Weekend

It has been a very busy Open Weekend.  The Gappers did a terrific job organising the Gapper Games on Saturday night after adelicious BBQ on the front lawn.  The boys were put into teams and had to identify various parts of the school from a sheet of photographs and then go and find them.  This was followed by  huge games of hide and seek round the main house. Alejandro proved a master at escape and evasion!  Just before bed, Mrs. Hepburn organised an ice cream factory, just in case sugar levels were running low (!), then it was up to bed for movies and hot chocolate in the housemaster’s flat.

We had a leisurely breakfast on Sunday morning in PJs before heading off to church for a lovely service.  The boys were impeccably well-behaved and sang with gusto!  After lunch, Mr and Mrs Attwood very kindly took them all into Newbury for the 1940s themed weekend. The Dad’s Army sketch left of few of our number more than a little bemused!  The boys have been great company and we’ve all been really enjoying getting to know each other.