Boarders ‘Escape from Colditz’ Weekend

This weekend saw the ‘Escape from Colditz’ Weekend – one of the favourite weekends in the boarding calendar.

Castle Colditz, high on the cliffs over the River Mulde, had a massive breakout on Saturday. Witnesses say Colonel Campbell briefed the Prisoners of War (the boys) via a short-wave radio in their mess hall, before Commander Cruel entered with his henchmen to warn them against escape. At this point Colonel Campbell hijacked the Commander and released the British officers into the night. Many boys were caught, but a happy 25-30 made it to the airship in Plantation where a ‘Russian ally waited (with clipboard!).

A number were awarded prizes on their escape attempt, for: best outfit (neon or dark); best stealth, closest shave, last escape, and best Prisoner of War acting. This great escape will live long in the memories, and Colditz will begin an investigation into how this could have happened. Escapees, we salute you!