Boarders’ bonanza weekend

Elstree boarding community got together this Friday for the Boarders’ Family Quiz. Teams were made up of parents, staff, siblings and Elstree boarders. The questions were eclectic, including guessing staff voices and trying to identify types of crisps and fizzy drinks. Everyone had a really great time.

On Saturday night, the boarders were split into three groups. Three of the resident Elstree Staff took it in turns to host a supper course in their homes. The boys enjoyed starters, mains and puddings in three different houses. Traditional English party games were also played at each venue. It was lovely to hear from colleagues how polite and well behaved the boarders were. 

After breakfast on Sunday, everyone gathered in the library to write thank you letters to the staff for hosting the night before. Letters were then hand-delivered en route to Douai. This was followed by a very happy hour spent playing wide games up in Park and then building camps in the woods of Plantation.

After lunch Miss. Gluck and Mr. Baxter took everyone to Coral Reef Waterworld to go on the water slides and have a swim.  The weekend ended with learning spellings and General Knowledge for the week ahead, and sorting out costumes to wear for Book Week.