Battle of Britain Model Airplanes Lecture

Elstree welcomed Tom Ward, former Head of Science, back to school on Saturday 23rd March.  Tom is now Managing Director of Tech Camp, a company dealing with holiday camps for children keen on all things technology.  He came to talk about his part in a Channel Four television series called ‘The Battle of Britain; The Model Squadron’.   

In the programme model aircraft re-enacted various battles from WW11. Tom explained how he designed laser guns and receivers so the model planes could shoot each other down. He then installed some clever devices that released smoke grenades once the plane had been hit.  

Footage of the television series was shown so that the full effects could be seen.  He explained all the technology and science behind what was a very realistic aerial battle. Throughout the talk Tom used volunteers to demonstrate some cool scientific ideas. There was no shortage of hands shooting up as all the boys were keen to take part.  Much was learnt from a very interesting and varied talk.