Annie. A Look Inside The Senior Play

Late last term one brave English teacher took on the challenge of creating the next big thing, a school play. On Thursday 17th September the rehearsals began with Annie (Hector Brown) kicking of the show with some well-practiced solos which gave Mrs Keane (Director) a little burst of hope.

Mr Inglis has said that he is very much looking forward to Annie and hopes that all will go well and that it will not be “A hard knock life” for Mrs Keane.

Mrs Keane has informed us that she struggled to do the casting as there were so many people and so many parts to create to compensate for the overload of eager children, but now that that challenge is out of the way it is time to conquer the biggest “mountain” yet.

An extremely not so brief synopsis: A young orphan Annie (Hector Brown) is in an orphanage under the control of the tyrannical Miss Hannigan (Hugo Crawford). Annie’s parents left her when she was a baby & Annie set out to try and find them. She is in possession a special locket that her parents gave to her and they have the other half.

After being taken back to the orphanage Grace (Johnny Inglis), Oliver “Daddy” Warbucks’ (Henry Bentley) secretary offered for Annie to spend Christmas with him. Warbucks offers to adopt Annie. She reveals that she thinks that her real parents are still alive. On a radio advert Warbucks offers $50,000 to anyone that can prove that they are Annie’s parents.

Thousands of people claim to be her parents but none of them know about the locket. Warbucks declares his intent to adopt Annie and she accepts. Drake (Ivar Bullen) a servant of Warbucks, leads in Rooster Hannigan (Ned Hine) and Lily St Regis (Max Jardine-Brown) in disguise as Mr and Mrs Mudge. They appear with the other half of the locket and announce that they will take her home. Grace confesses that she recognises the imposters.

The next morning Annie waits to see her real parents. President Roosevelt (Fergus McKendrick) announces that the FBI have revealed that Annie’s real parents died a long time ago making the Mudges imposters. Miss Hannigan arrives with the orphans to celebrate Christmas. The police arrest Rooster and Lily for fraud and also Miss Hannigan for organising the crime. Roosevelt declares that this Christmas will signify new life.

James Hodson and Hugo Crawford, Year 8