An enriching Saturday morning

In preparation for Common Entrance pre-testing and interviews, our Years 5 and 6 attend a range of lectures and workshops during their enrichment sessions on Saturday mornings.  Last term, the pupils heard from a UK Microsoft Executive about future tech, an Apache helicopter pilot about his Military Cross, and a Cambridge Historian about the Spanish region of Catalonia.  

The first enrichment session of the Lent Term started with an outdoor team-building activity.  Armed with poles, string and bin bags, our pupils worked in teams to build a waterproof camp. As it stayed dry during the construction process, a watering can was required to see if the camps were in fact waterproof. The question was, was anyone prepared to be in the camp while the water was being sprayed?

There’s a host of engaging activity planned ahead for the term, with more lectures and talks.  Mr Pilkington is introducing the ‘Headmaster’s Project’ for Year 6, which will help develop skills for lifelong learning. Mr Hepburn is focusing on ‘Manners and why the are important, while Mr Bates will be taking the pupils on a trip down memory lane about the history of Elstree. Can’t wait!