Adventurous Leavers’ Trip for Year 8s

This year’s Leavers’ Trip to Preseli in North Pembrokeshire, West Wales was a hotly anticipated event. For some, it was the thing they were looking forward to most in Year 8.  For others, their life at Elstree. Yet all were looking for “Adventure!”, and they certainly experienced bucket loads.

First on the list, was individually taking kayaks out to explore caves and hidden beaches.  This did instill some initial fears: “Will I capsize and be swept out to the Irish Sea?”. “Will I mauled by a sea lion?”. “Or will I be impaled on some rocks?”. But after reassurance the trip had been risk-assessed by our Preseli professionals, they soon relaxed and had a phenomenal time. 

The same was true of surfing.  The thought of standing up on a board faced by a “…a 3 foot…no, 5 foot…no, 7 foot…no, 10 foot wave!” was more daunting than the reality.  It was a shame the swell disappeared on one day, as they were really beginning to build their self-esteem.

When it came to coasteering  – involving climbing up cliff faces and jumping off them – confidence was really high. Some boys even attempted acrobatics to ramp up the thrill-factor.  We’re glad to report that there were no injuries during any of the activities on the whole trip.  Oh, besides a badly stubbed toe in a dorm.

The boys took in some cultural sights on their jet boat around Ramsey Island, and trip to the City of St David’s.  This was a great opportunity for them to appreciate what this part of the British Isles has to offer. 

Although “Adventure” was a huge part of the trip, being with friends was also high up there. Very little could top the three and a half days of laughter, smiles and happiness shared between boys and staff.  May their happy memories of sunsets at the beach and adventurous fun with friends, stay with them for many years to come.