Senior Schools

Children leave Elstree to attend the country’s leading Senior Schools. The formal process of consultation on which senior school will be the right one starts in Years 5 or 6, but the Headmaster is available at any stage in a pupils’ career at Elstree to give advice to parents on which senior schools could suit their child.

Indeed the Headmaster’s experience and knowledge of the senior schools is extensive and he has good relationships with many Senior School Heads, Housemasters and Registrars. Such advice and the high esteem in which Elstree pupils are held by senior schools are reckoned to be great advantages of an Elstree education. The Headmaster’s main priority in such advice will always be based on the belief that the child must be comfortable with the academic demands of the senior schools that are in the frame for him.

Representatives from Senior Schools visit Elstree on a regular basis to meet pupils and parents to help them to make informed decisions about future destinations in an informal setting.  (See Senior School Destinations 2023).


The Scholarship class operates in parallel with the last two years of Common Entrance preparation. Those pupils identified as Scholarship ‘hopefuls’ are taught by Heads of Department, and study all aspects of the Common Entrance syllabus as well as extra tuition for those who have shown strengths in the creative arts or sport to allow them the opportunity of sitting Entrance Scholarships to their chosen senior schools. Our record of success in Scholarship preparation speaks for itself, with regular academic, music and art and sports scholarships being awarded by some of the finest senior independent schools in the country, including Eton, Harrow, Radley, Marlborough, Bradfield and Winchester.

A summary of scholarship awards can be see below.

Scholarships 2023

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