Acknowledging Elstree’s 60th anniversary of limited incorporation

Last Wednesday 21st April, Elstree acknowledged its 60th anniversary of incorporation as a limited company and registered charity.  Although founded in 1848 and originally in Hertfordshire, 21.06.1961 was still a significant milestone in the school’s history.

Elstree’s history

With the outbreak of war in 1939, staff and 70 boys moved from Hertfordshire to Elstree’s current location in Berkshire. After the war ended, the homely Georgian house within the glorious 150 acre estate, was so perfect, that it then became Elstree School’s permanent base. 

The school was owned and run by the Sanderson family until it became incorporated and registered as a charity in 1961. Mr Ian Sanderson, a retired Commander in the H.M. Royal Navy, remained Headmaster until 1969.  From this point, Mr Terrence McMullen took over as Headmaster, and led the school for the next 26 years.

60th anniversary incorporation documents

Aside from the Bursary Office sharing the original incorporation certificate, a number of other historical documents were made available. As you’ll see, these included: – the Memorandum and Articles of Association; the ‘Fuel’ booklet; Expansion and Development Report; and the all-important Schedule of Electric Lighting Installation and Fittings. These items will be of particular interest to our Elstree Alumni. You can visit our Alumni page here.

Some key facts gleaned from the historical documents

  • In January 1969, 2 tons of coal, £6 of wood, and 1300 gallons of fuel oil were used
  • In February 1970, there were 92 boarders and 2 day boys, with the capacity for 95 boarders and 5 day boys
  • Around this time, 7,350 light bulbs were counted across the school