A mysterious boarding weekend

What better way to start another boarding weekend than with an evening of murder and mystery.  Oscar award-winning performances were given by our talented Staff (particularly Sister Cook), as pupils and parents had to solve the gruesome murder on Friday night.

For those unable to attend (and curious), here is a list of our cast members:

Mrs Linnet Doyle (nee Ridgeway)

Gapper Millie

Mr Simon Doyle

Mr Williams

Miss Jacqueline de Belfort

Mrs Goodbourn

Miss Marie Van Schuyler

Mrs Kidson

Miss Bowers

Mrs Cook

Louise Bouget

Miss Boyd

Mr James Ferguson

Headmaster Mr Inglis

Salome Otterbourne

Miss Gluck

Rosalie Otterbourne

Mrs Roshier

Mr Pennington

Mr Brown

Dr Ludvig Bessner

Mr Owens

Hercule Poiret

Mr Morris

Jenkins, the Steward

Mr Hepburn

Albeit not about the winning, more the taking part, congratulations to Tables 3 and 10 for solving the mystery first. Mrs Linnet Doyle was the unfortunate victim and Mrs Goodbourn, the scheming murderess.

For the rest of the weekend, our boarders were treated to an imaginative and unusual activity organised by Mr Attwood. Pupils were tasked with making cooking stoves out of old baked bean tins, upon which they cooked sausages, eggs and bacon. 

Then on Sunday, they were treated to some art with Mrs. Syckelmoore, sport, sport and more sport, followed by a trip to Coral Reef Waterworld. How lucky?