A musical week at Elstree

Violin Performance from a Music Scholar

After a year of virtually no live music-making it was such a delight to spend half an hour listening to Henry’s beautiful violin playing in the resonant acoustic of the Long Room. His programme consisted of a Mozart Concerto movement, the Beethoven Romance in F, the Sarabande and Gigue from Bach’s Partita in D minor and finally the rousing 1st movement of the  Kabalevsky concerto. This was a veritable tour de force, which Henry performed with aplomb.  It is easy to see why he obtained the coveted Winchester College music scholarship. His dazzling finger work and dulcet tones brought some of the audience to tears.  We are so thankful we had this opportunity to listen to Henry before he departs for pastures new. 

Vocal Concert

After half a term with virtually no singing we just had to grab this opportunity to hear some live vocalists, safely distanced outside in the Marquee. The pure tones of Sophie and Jacob were thrilling to hear and their choice of songs really suited their voices. The Year 7 and 8 bubble consisted of Cosmo performing the lively ‘Chim Chimeree’, Kitt showing off his lovely blossoming vibrato in ‘Pure imagination’ and Alex with his confident rendition of the soulful “Cry me a River”.  Thanks to all the performers and to Lys Hales for not getting sucked down into Covid apathy and reminding us to focus on what we can do, rather than what we cannot! 

Music at Elstree

Music is an important element of Elstree life, both within the curriculum and outside it. From singing in the Choir and musicians playing regularly in Church, to performing in plays, concerts and rehearsing in musical ensembles, the pupils’ benefit from an environment where music is cherished and nurtured.