A Christmas Carol

With an incredibly talented cast of Years 7 and 8, alongside a great team of staff and helpers, the Elstree School production of Charles Dickens’ ‘A Christmas Carol’ left us feeling very festive indeed! 

Ebenezer Scrooge was slowly persuaded by four ghostly visitors to embrace the true meaning of Christmas and to open his closed-off heart to other people.  What better way to start Advent than a reminder of all the ways in which the world can be a wonderful place if we all work together and look after one another?  From supporting each other with learning lines, practising dance moves, painting set, making props, designing costumes, programmes, photography, sound and lighting the boys and helpers have all been very busy bringing this show together and they have worked fantastically well as a team.

Some dynamic group singing, beautiful moving solos and incredible dancing and acting made this show a triumph and the giant cast of 81 boys should all be very proud of themselves indeed.  I’m sure they all needed a good rest over the exeat weekend but I hope that they all feel ‘Awfully Jolly’ about all that they’ve achieved this term! Well done boys!