8SEW Trip to Newbury

8SEW finished their exams earlier this term and so during some of our free time this term we decided to cycle along the Kennet and Avon Canal to Newbury. We set off at nine ‘o’clock on Tuesday 4th of June in high spirits. The ride into Newbury took roughly an hour and a quarter at a leisurely pace riding alongside the picturesque canal. Before lunch, we split up into groups to walk around the centre of Newbury, during which our class bought the whole of Pound land out in refreshments!

We then had lunch at Mac Donald’s and bought an Ice cream at Joe’s Gelato. When we had finished walking around the centre our class walked to Victoria Park and had a fun hour playing Kings and Peasants, a cricket catching game. Next, we took to the 8-mile canal path back to school. The rain just caught us as we left Thatcham but it was fun cycling through it. The journey was a day well spent and one we will remember for a long time. It really felt like we achieved something worthwhile as a team.