Year 6 Trip to Roman Silchester

On Friday 21st June Year 6 romped on to Roman Silchester for their morning of activities and acting at the town walls and amphitheatre.   We gathered in two groups, for two sessions of some town planning, sketching and modelling, and learning how to march in testudo formation.  Rugby tackle pads are a good replica of a curved plywood Roman shield, especially when branded ‘Centurion’!  Many thanks to Mr Williams, Mrs Pool and Mr Hepburn for their teaching.  

After a tasty Roman toast for morning buns, we hit the amphitheatre for a Day at the Games.   We began with the bestiarii Megus Scaredus as he ran from the animals: a lion, tiger, bear and monkey (the monkey played by Year 6’s Monkey).  The executions followed: first the arsonist Furious Firious, second killing the Devius Murderus, and last setting the lion on the Christians.   While it was fun, the boys did note how brutally different Roman culture was.   

We ended the visit with the gladiators: the retiarius Quickus Netus and the secutor Bigus Brutus, who won the day.  Back at school we enjoyed a filling Roman lunch of hams, fruits, breads and cheeses.  One boy called it his favourite trip since visiting Rushall Farm in Year 1, so next year we will march on back!