8 JRB Presentation Evening

The senior scholars were assigned the task of creating a presentation and poster showing “How Geography can affect war”.

We spent nearly two months preparing and researching our topics in Geography, Latin, Greek, History and RS. We used many kinds of sources to gather our information including Wikipedia, different internet archives, library books and those in our form room. We used Prezi to present our projects and create our posters. To speed up the process we had a lesson on how to find and use important sources online.

The evening was kicked it off by showing some science videos which we had made in previous lessons. Barney started off the presentations with his ‘How Geography affected the Battle of Stalingrad and its relation to current events in Ukraine’ presentation. Shortly after George talked about ‘How Scottish economy was affected by WWI.’ Thomas finished off the first session with his presentation on ‘How Geography played a role in the battle of Iwo Jima’. We then had a short break and devoured some well prepared food which Lara and the ‘team’ had carefully concocted. During the break we talked with our parents’ about the process of building the presentations.

We then started off again with Alex Lee who talked about ‘The economic changes of the two Koreas following the Korean War’; next was Julian who spoke on ‘The Battle of Bannockburn and the upcoming Scottish Referendum’. It was then Alasdair’s turn with ‘How Agent Orange is still affecting Vietnam.’ When I asked Ali about the evening as a whole he said ‘He enjoyed it very much especially the chicken kebabs.’ George finished off the evening with a presentation on ‘Guerrilla Warfare and when it can be most effective’. At the end of the evening we had more food and drinks. Overall we enjoyed the evening very much. The food was a particular highlight and we would like to thank Lara’s team once again.
Thank you to everyone who helped us in the process of making our wonderful posters and presentations. Thanks especially to Miss Pinder and Mr Lexton for all the help they have given us with our presentations and posters,  and also thanks to the kitchen staff for cooking some wonderful food.