The Woodley Choir Festival

Three Elstree choirs (58 boys) took part in the competitive Woodley Choral Festival last weekend, and as a parent commented, “the Elstree boys were brilliant and delivered a fabulous performance.”

The standard certainly was impressively high this year so we were delighted to come away with a Distinction certificate for the Junior Choir, another Distinction for the Year 5 and 6 Choir and an Outstanding certificate for the Chapel Choir.

It is no mean thing to stand and sing in a small group on a large stage in front of an unknown audience and the boys are to be commended for their confident and rousing renditions and the beautiful sound they all made.

The adjudicator made some general comments on the value of choral singing and then praised each choir for specific points.

One mother let me know that her son “was a little nervous Saturday morning, but he was so happy afterwards and said it was the best thing he has ever done!  He was over the moon!  He even sang to the ice cream man in exchange for an extra scoop of ice cream that night!”

Well done to all concerned and the medals and certificates on are on display on the Front Hall mantelpiece – do take a look.