Year 2 Outdoor Adventure Week

Year 2 spent the penultimate week of their last term at Home Farm outdoors during our Activity Week. We’ve been exceptionally lucky this week with the warm sunny weather – each morning the classroom had the aroma of a summer holiday smelling of suntan lotion and bug spray

We started the week with a nature walk around the grounds of Elstree and collected natural materials that the children found on their journey from twigs and feathers to bugs and petals.  Year 2 maths came alive as they transferred their maths skills to the outdoors. During our outdoor maths challenges the children had tasks such as building 3D pyramids, estimating the heights of plants and trees and creating their own magic squares. They worked well in small groups and it was fascinating to listen to all the extensive maths vocabulary that was being used whilst they debated their challenge.

 “My favourite part of the week was the outdoor maths challenges.” Harry Anderson

 Another activity during the week was shadow art where the children made an outline of a shadow in twigs and filled it in with leaves – great fun! This was followed by much excitement when the children were asked to build a house for a family of ants – we even had a couple of ants moving in during construction! The middle of the week saw Year 2 painting a frieze of the Elstree grounds. As it was a continuous piece of art, there were many negotiations over the ‘edge’ of their section! This was followed by a wonderful picnic in the Elstree grounds under the shade of an oak tree. The Year 2 teachers fired up the pizza oven, rolled the dough and became chefs as the orders from the children came in thick and fast. One boy ate seven pieces of pizza! It was enjoyed by all.

 “My favourite part was eating the pizzas” Nathaniel Booth

Thursday was spent in the woods at Elstree; first we visited the lower woods where the children made dens, enjoyed the natural see-saw and had many make-believe adventures. We walked over the stile to plantation, ran and rolled down roly-poly hill and tiptoed over the trip trap bridge before the Gruffalo woke up and sent the Year 2s screaming back to the adventure playground!

The final morning saw the children with a map in hand orienteering all over Elstree and Home Farm in search of clues. The clues made the word SUPER STARS and superstars they all were. An amazing outdoor activity week!