Goldilocks and the 3 Bears Plus….

It was lovely to see the McMullen Hall full of excited children from Home Farm and surrounding schools and nurseries for our visit from the Booster Cushion Theatre. Today was all about ‘Big Goldilocks and the Three Bears Plus…’ and there certainly were lots of bears in the story! “It was real!” Charlie Utley.

 The energetic performer played Big Goldilocks who wandered off into the forest and got lost, and was found by lots of animals played by children in the audience.  We had bears growling, cows mooing, frogs ribbiting and cockerels cock-a-doodle-doing!  “I liked wearing the lion mask and shaking my maraca lemon!” Rory Bennett, the lion-tamer.

 Centre stage was the 6ft tall real life pop up story book which came alive with props helping to narrate the story. “It was very funny; I was his mum and he kept calling me a zebra!”  Sophie Payne.

 It was a fun-filled action-packed 45minutes in which the children joined in, laughed and generally had fun!  What a great experience! “I liked that show because it was very, very funny!” George Mills.