Climate Change Lecture

Mr Turner (Head of Geography) at St Edwards Oxford visited us on Saturday and gave a lecture to Years 6-8 on Climate Change.  Mr Turner explained to the children that Climate Change is not just Global Warming but changes in weather patterns and indeed Global Cooling in places.  He explained how we have just had the biggest Hurricane Season ever in the Atlantic Ocean and showed evidence of sea and air temperatures rising.  We were lucky enough to evaluate data fresh off the press this week released by Donald Trumps’ own government proving that Climate Change is happening.  Mr Turner was brilliant at getting the boys to find definitions and give solutions to problems.  He sent them into what they call at St Edwards the ‘Learning Pit’ which is where pupils work to solve problems and true learning arises.

The boys were very grateful to Mr Turner and gathered around him at the end with plenty of outstanding questions. He showed some powerful videos such as the island of Tuvalu in the Pacific Ocean: