Spring Concert

As preparations for concerts go, this was not the most auspicious! Benedict dropped his cello, breaking a tuning peg, Charlie’s string snapped, Julian accidentally flung his violin out into the hall whilst practising his announcement and Oscar’s newly acquired glowing drum stick failed to glow!  However, in true Elstree fashion the boys picked themselves up from these mini-disasters, replacement cellos were magicked up, the violin retuned, Oscar made do with one glowing drum stick and the show went on!  This Spring Concert was a celebration of all the music that has been played by the various groups that rehearse regularly throughout the term and also show-cased two of our top level Year 8 musicians.

There was something for everyone here, with the Orchestra kicking off proceedings with Vivaldi’s Winter and Mussorgsky’s Night on a bare mountain (it was the composer’s birthday that very day –what a happy co-incidence!), followed by  the Home Farm Choir reprising their two items from the Lambrook Choir Festival earlier in the term complete with actions and missing teeth.

We are very proud of our Bassoon Ensemble who had prepared 3 items, and both Junior and String Ensembles made the most beautiful sound.  The Trumpet Ensemble has not been heard for many years and made a very welcome return, and the lights were switched off for the Percussion Ensemble for their visually as well as acoustically exciting display with 3 different coloured pairs of glowing sticks.  The Jazz Band entertained us before and during the concert, the Year 3 and 4s played their recorders and transported us to the Caribbean with their Jamaica Farewell number, and audience participation was requested for the Year 5 and 6 Choir’s Coldplay medley, getting us into the spirit of the food festival on the following day. Music scholar Harry played his trumpet with flair and Benedict’s rapid finger-work on the piano keys impressed us all.

The Orchestra rounded off proceedings with the perennial favourite, Pirates of the Caribbean before parents headed off to meet with their son’s Visiting Music Teacher.

A great final concert of term with a real feel-good factor.