Pop, Rock and Music Technology Day at Stowe School

On Thursday, Elstree School was represented by four boys at the first Pop, Rock and Music Technology Day organised at Stowe School. The day started with a longer than expected journey but, after our arrival, the boys were ready and eager to learn from an exciting but demanding day.

All the boys and girls from different schools were divided into four mini bands and our Elstree boys worked together as vocalists, guitarists and sound engineers to perform two songs, the more challenging of which was Breakfast at Tiffany’s by Deep Blue Something. The boys worked hard and showed a collaborative and flexible approach. Particularly successful was the studio recording of their main song. During this session, the boys learned how to harmonise their voices and instruments to create a balanced and clear sound, helped also by our skilful sound engineer. The day culminated with a very enjoyable concert in front of parents and teachers. We would like to thank Stowe school and the organisers for such a great and enriching experience.