Nursery visit to Wellington Country Park

Nursery had a wonderful day exploring Wellington Country Park on Thursday 19th May. There was great excitement leading up to the day itself with count downs of how many sleeps left well and truly in place. 

The bus journey itself led to great excitement spotting different coloured cars, types of vehicles on the way and the ‘Sleeping Policemen’ caused lots of giggles as we drove into the park. We were amazed by the children’s levels of energy and bravery on some quite large and, in some cases, very wobbly equipment! The woodland days and use of the low ropes course and adventure playground have clearly paid off.  Mrs Inglis was amazed by the children’s physicality!  The Zip wire was a definite favourite shown clearly by the total delight on their faces as they zoomed at some speed! 

The dinosaurs were a popular part of the park as were the all-important fairy doors. Lots of baby animals were in the farm section, the calves, Nelly and Ellie and the kids being particularly popular with the children.  A great day was had by all and as one of the children said, “I wish we could come here every day!”