Elstree 175 by Hugo Vickers

Celebrating 175 Years of Elstree School in 2023, a new book has been published. This is a revised history of the school which gives a lively account of the extraordinary Sanderson family who ran it for 100 years, the teachers who made it special and which celebrates some of its distinguished Old Boys. Elstree 175 shows how schools have changed from places of some austerity into the nurturing environments our children enjoy today.

Elstree 175 is a book that will inform you of the rich history of our school and for many it will undoubtedly prompt childhood memories. Whether you are an Old Boy or Girl, a member of your family attended the school, you worked here, or your children are at Elstree today – there are stories and details that bring the history of the school to life, making it a book to treasure for generations to come.

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To celebrate Elstree School's 175 years
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