Year 3 Trip to Hindu Temple

On Wednesday 14th November the Year 3 boys and girls were treated to a wonderful introduction to Hinduism at the Hindu Temple in Reading. As we entered the building we took off our shoes and placed them in one of the pigeon holes. We were then welcomed to the Temple by Pandit Anil Ji. He spoke about many things including the hundreds of different Hindu gods and how Hindus pray. One of the things Hindus do before praying is to ring the bell to let the gods know that they are about to pray. The gods also have to be fed with milk. One can learn a lot about one’s own religion by studying other religions. One major different between Hinduism and Christianity is their belief of karma and reincarnation. Good deeds and actions are rewarded by good karma. This belief is a very good way to encourage kind behaviour towards others. After telling us some stories from the Hindu scriptures Pandit Anil then played and sang us some Hindu songs. We even got to join in!