Elstree is proud to be a Green Flag Award winning Eco-School. The eco-committee meets twice a term to discuss environmental matters within the school and community projects.

The main drive of the eco-committee in 2014 year was been to meet all of the requirements for the Green Flag Award. The Green Flag Award is the highest environmental award for schools and only 1544 schools in England have achieved it.

The projects that the boys have been involved with to apply for this award are:

  • Planting a WWI memorial garden
  • Gardening Club
  • Creating a species list for the grounds
  • Entering the Climate Week Competition
  • Recording and monitoring the school’s electricity consumption
  • Taking part in switch off fortnight
  • Creating a reading garden
  • Designing and building animal homes
  • Presenting in Parliament for the ‘Primary Earth Summit’ (we won!)
  • Presenting an Eco-School’s assembly
  • Improving the recycling and reducing waste around the school
  • Joining the ‘Bumblebee Conservation Society’.
  • Improving menu choices
  • Installing water butts
  • Looking at the sustainability of the food that we purchase
  • Planting daffodils for the Marie-Curie pots of care campaign
  • Garden renovation in Beenham village
  • Conducted the annual eco-review of the school
  • Worked out the reduction in carbon footprint from using school buses rather than parents driving the boys to and from school.

Now we need to expand our projects to keep our flag.  A team of three Elstree boys were the winners of ‘Category 2: Collection Systems’ at the first Primary Earth Summit in 2014, the final of which took place at Parliament. This winning team then helped create the packs for National Waste week with Wastebuster, and also designed the Award Winning Schools’ Poster for Waste Week.

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